100 Wave Challenge


Please visit www.100wave.org to register for the 2017!


Also visit our site at Boys to Men Mentoring


Every day good boys are joining gangs, dropping out of school and turning to drugs and alcohol to help them cope with the pain of growing up without a man who cares. 


Every week Boys to Men mentors go into schools to provide the male role models these boys are missing in their lives. 


Not just ONE MAN, but a community of mentors and peers who offer the hope, support and guidance boys require as they take their first steps on their journey to manhood. 


Teenage years are a CRITICAL TIME when boy's choices can impact a lifetime. 


We offer boys a safe place to talk about what is REALLY going on in their lives and a community of mentors and peers who listen, believe in them and help them make better choices. 


Because of our successes, Boys to Men has TRIPLED in size in the last three years and 700+ SAN DIEGO BOYS now have good men in their lives.


72% of the boys in the program are growing up without a father, and the need for our mentoring program is greater than ever.


We offer our program FREE of CHARGE as 70% of our boys live below the poverty level in single mother homes.  


The 100 Wave Challenge is our main funding source.


To see the lifelong impact of Boys to Men, watch this 2 minute video of one boy's 4 year journey from gangs to college. 




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